Sunday, December 17, 2006

FOURSQUARE Magazine, Volume 1

The last issue of Vol. 1 features cover art by poet Shin Yu Pai and poetry by Jenny Sampirisi, Lisa Forrest, Kerri French, and Mel Nichols.

FOURSQUARE 1.11 Guest Edited by Kristy Bowen of Dancing Girl Press. Cover art by Alaina Burri-Stone. Poetry by Jen Tynes, Christine Hamm, Robyn Art, and Erin M. Bertram.

FOURSQUARE 1.10: poetry by Sandra Simonds, Michelle Taransky, Jenna Cardinale and Wanda O'Connor. Book Review from Linda Russo on Lauren Shufran's Burrow (Hooke Press 2006). Cover art by Angel D'Amico.

FOURSQUARE 1.9 (Love) Love poems by Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney; Sharon Harris et al.; o. hunt; and kathryn l. pringle & Magdalena Zurawski. Cover valentine by Krista Stout.

FOURSQUARE 1.8 Featuring the poetry of Grace Vajda, Amy King, Catherine Daly and a.rawlings, with an illustration by Raquel Salomon.

FOURSQUARE 1.7 (Family) Starring Angelica Paez (cover art), Alixandra Bamford, Eileen Tabios, Sarah Campbell, and Suzanne Zelazo.

FOURSQUARE 1.6 (Politics) Includes work by Jess Rowan, Tina Darragh, Jessica Smith and Jane Sprague. Cover art by Lana Lambert of Pistoles Press.

FOURSQUARE 1.5 Interior cover art by Tami Giordano; poetry by Susana Gardner, Erica Kaufman, Danielle Pafunda, and Sandra Beasley.

FOURSQUARE 1.4 Art: Britta Fahrenbruch (sleeve), Emily Martin (cover) Poetry: Kristy Bowen, Stephanie Young, Kate Greenstreet and Jennifer Scappettone. Jen's poem is part of a series that will be published as a Take-Home Project this winter.

FOURSQUARE 1.3 Featuring sleeve art by Chelsea Warren, cover art by Claire Webb, and interior poetry by Helen White, Michelle Detorie, Anne Boyer and T.A. Noonan.

FOURSQUARE 1.2 features poems by Brenda Iijima, Maureen Thorson, Jenny Boully, and Juliana Spahr; cover art by Karena Colquhoun

FOURSQUARE 1.1 includes work by Elizabeth Treadwell, Shanna Compton, K. Lorraine Graham, and Linda Russo. Cover illustration by Elena Mary Siff