Saturday, March 17, 2007

FOURSQUARE Special Editions

Special Edition: Ofelia Hunt Six poems by Ofelia Hunt; cover illustration by Mandy Sutcliffe. Sold out.

Special Edition: Jessica Smith One big handwritten poem by yours truly; cover art by Chelsea Groves. Sold out.

Special Edition: Michelle Detorie Seven full-color "die*o*rama" poems by Michelle Detorie. Sleeve fabric design and screening by Julie Hollifield. Sold out.

Special Edition: Jess Rowan. Two site-specific works by Jess Rowan, with cover art by FOURSQUARE veteran Karena Colquhoun. Sold out. **Reviewed at Galatea Resurrects!**

Special Edition: Brenda Iijima. One big, full-color visual poem by Brenda Iijima. Cover art by Tanya Hollis. Sold out.

Special Edition: Maureen Thorson. Maureen Thorson launches five illustrated poems for a drunken sailor, with cover art by the poet. Sold out. **Reviewed at Galatea Resurrects!**

Special Edition: Samar Abulhassan features six prose poems from Abulhassan's forthcoming chapbook, nocturnal temple (Dusie 2008). Sold Out.