Wednesday, June 27, 2007


FOURSQUARE 2.12 was guest edited by Hanna Andrews of Switchback Books, and it features Andrews, Brandi Homan, Melissa Severin, and Becca Klaver. Cover art is by Ozlem Haluk. Overruns are for sale at Etsy. This is the last issue of Volume 2, so if you want to keep receiving issues make sure you're subscribed to Vol. 3.

FOURSQUARE 2.11 features poetry by Laura Elrick, Cathy Eisenhower, Katie Kemple and Nichole Zdeb, with cover art by Katrina Rodabaugh. For sale at Etsy.

Verdant FOURSQUARE 2.10 gathers together poems by Lee Ann Brown & Miranda Lee Torn, Kristen Orser, Mischa Erikson, and Jessica Bozek. Cover photo by Maggie Stein. For sale at Etsy.

FOURSQUARE 2.9 features love-ly cover art from Bettina Conquist and poetry by Deborah Poe, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Julia Drescher, and Shannon Smith. For sale at Etsy.

FOURSQUARE 2.8 re-spins old yarns with cover art by Jo Cook and poetry by Ada Limon, Jennifer Chang, Kate Middleton and Evie Shockley. For sale at Etsy.

FOURSQUARE 2.7 plays with light, color, and issues of gender and identity. Poems by Ivy Alvarez, Wanda Phipps, Pattie McCarthy and Jo Cook. Cover illustration by Claire Whitehead. Overruns available at Etsy.

FOURSQUARE 2.6: Mysteries both complex and ephemeral spun by Megan Kaminski, Jenn McCreary, Michaela Gabriel and Bonnie Roy. Cover art: a photograph found in the possession of Kristianne Meal. Sold out.

FOURSQUARE 2.5: Dressed with a photo by Kristen Taylor; stuffed with poems by Aya Karpinska, Dorothea Lasky, Ellen Baxt and Angela Szczepaniak. Sold out.

FOURSQUARE 2.4 (Animals) contains poems by Michelle Morgan, Claire Hero, Suzanne Frischkorn, and Gillian Devereux. Cover art by Anna Bell. Sold out.

FOURSQUARE 2.3 (California Girls) Poems by Suzanne Stein, Bronwen Tate, Lauren Shufran and Esther Lee; cover gocco collage by Heather Toupin. Sold out.

FOURSQUARE 2.2 (July) includes poetry by Nava Fader, Michalle Gould, Reb Livingston and Sheila E. Murphy. Cover art by Debbie Clapper. Sold out.

Issue 2.1 of FOURSQUARE, a riff on Ulysses, features poetry by Marci Nelligan, Angela Veronica Wong, Jeannine Hall Gailey, and Natalie Zina Walschots. Cover collage by Christina Lyon. Eyelet lace hand-threaded and sewn by Pamela Smith. Featured font by p22 Type Foundry. Sold out.